Andrea Sisti


I graduated from the University of Perugia – Faculty of Agriculture in 1992. Final grade: 107/110. I started my career at the CNR (National Research Center) as a researcher at the Forest Institute of Porano (TR). I have been enrolled in the register of agronomists and forestry doctors since 1993.
I began my professional career in 1993 becoming one of the leading Italian experts in rural development programs and a planner in the field of territorial and landscape planning for both private and public clients.
My professional interests are rural development through innovation, networking, biodiversity, agroecology and landscape as the identity of agri-food production. He is one of the leading Italian experts of the “Leader Program”. He acts as a consultant for many farmers and agri-food industries in relation to the implementation of European development programs.
From 1994 to 2008 I was President of the Territorial Order of the Province of Perugia (Italy).
From 1997 to 2008 I was President of the Regional Federation of Agronomists and Foresters of Umbria. From 2007 to 2016 I was the sole director of the Consortium called “3A-PTA Umbrian Agri-food Technological Park” which is a research institute specializing in innovation and certification of agri-food products and systems.
I was president of the National Council of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors in Italy from 2008 to 2018.
Since 2015 I have been President of the World Association of Agronomists and Agricultural Engineers.
I am a Georgophile academic, an academic of the National Academy of Agriculture and an academic of olive and oil.
I have been and am a member of various commissions at national and international level.
I have organized numerous conferences and congresses, produced numerous publications and reports in as many conferences and congresses.
I collaborate with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Perugia as a teacher of rural and landscape planning.
I’m the author of numerous publications and founder of the Landscape Profession Journal.