Fernando Zuloaga Albarrán


He is an agronomist engineer specialized in agricultural economics, with experience in the Public Sector in the areas of planning and operation of agricultural and rural development programs, and in the private sector, as a corporate consultant in agribusiness and international trade

Actually he is a corporate consultant in agribusiness promotion, strategic alliances, joint ventures and international trade of agricultural and agro-industrial companies of the private and social sector.

He graduated in Agricultural Economics at National School of Agriculture Chapingo, Mexico.
He has achieved Diploma on Agroindustrial Operating Systems, P.K.B. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Diploma in Total Quality Assurance Programs ISO – 9002 in Mexico DF., Diploma in Mediation and Conflict Resolution at International Mediation Center- CAMEX-ESI and Diploma in Agricultural Business administration at School of Agricultural Sciences Integral Livestock in Guatemala, C. A.

He carried out Technical exchange in Rural Development Planning in Rehovoth, Israel, and he heald Courses on formulation and evaluation of agricultural projects National School of Agriculture Chapingo, Mexico

From 1999 to 2018 he has been responsible for promoting trade and agribusiness in Latin America Ministery of Agriculture of Mexico for Latin America and the Caribbean, Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food SAGARPA in Guatemala, he has been a Technical Assistant of the Agricultural Council of Mexico for the United States in Washington, Director General of Agricultural and Forestry Policy and Development at Secretariat of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources in Mexico, General Director of Agriculture in Mexico

Coordinator of Public Investment, Credit and Support Services for production at National Rural Credit Bank in Mexico, General Coordination of the National Plan for Depressed Zones at Presidency of the Republic
Deputy Director of Rural Cooperative Employment and Training. Under the National Program of Public Investments for Rural Development at Secretariat of Programming and Budget he has been deputy Coordinator, Operations coordinator,Regional coordinator, Regional analyst
He has been President of the World Association of Agricultural Engineers (2000 – 2004), Vice President of the World Association of Agricultural Engineers (1994 – 2000), President of the National Agronomic Confederation of Mexico and President of the National Association of Agricultural Engineers graduated from Chapingo